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Strategic Planning: Management Tool or Ritual? 6/17/16

If actions such as implementing corrective and evolutionary measures, adapting product and service portfolios, ensuring proper market positioning, defending a company against the competition, ex...

Software Metrics and Indicators Are More than Corporate Statistical Instruments 6/20/16

Software metrics and performance indicators are more than simple mathematical and statistical elements. They are also elements of psychological and behavioral impact on people and organizations ...

Upgrading Software Applications to New Technologies – Reencountering the Unknown 2/21/14

Ernani Ferrari

Updating software applications to a new technological paradigm, as were graphical user interfaces or the use of the Internet, is an intense and many ti...

Software Project Management: Beyond Methodologies 8/22/16

Methods are crucial for good project management in software development or implementation – but not enough

Ernani Ferrari

Luckily for all those not in...



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