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Entirely free operational diagnostic for software companies based in the USA or Canada with 50 to 500 employees. R&D, distribution, services, customer support, organization, knowledge management. No fees, no expenses, no-obligation. NDA-supported. Two- to three-day long. Limited time offer. Contact us through the icon below or the email

Diagnostics are the fastest, most cost-effective way for your company to identify opportunities for great and rapid financial results! They save time and money in contexts such as pre-investment decisions, planning for improvement measures, identification of business weaknesses, evaluation of performance and organizational structures, and analyses for the establishment of partnerships.

Mondo Strategies’ diagnostics are comprehensive, deep, discrete and eye-opening, yet fast and affordable. Moreover, they are guaranteed – if your company is not completely satisfied with the results, your down payment will be 100% refunded and nothing else will be charged – no questions asked, no strings attached!

Please provide us with the information below and we will be glad to have one of our consultants give you a call or answer your written questions to provide you with all information you may need for your evaluations.


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