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Extensive and deep experience in all key aspects of the software business is the key tool Mondo Strategies uses to either replicate proven solutions to our clients or to devise new solutions to their specific needs in order to rapidly enhance their financial results for the short and long terms.

Our consulting team consists of a small coordinated group of highly-skilled, experienced professionals who have held both technical and managerial roles in international environments, coming to thoroughly understand the business and the operations of software companies. Successful in their work history, our consultants have changed their careers to join Mondo Strategies and do what we like most: keep learning and share knowledge and experience to take our clients to higher levels of business performance.

Usually we hire people who have worked alongside one or more of our consultants. However, if you are not currently working for one of Mondo Strategies’ clients, have over fifteen years of experience performing and managing activities in key areas of the software industry (research and development, marketing / distribution, services, customer support / relationship, knowledge management), learn and apply knowledge with ease, have an strategic understanding of the global IT scenario, enjoy performing at top levels of quality and commitment, and feel Mondo Strategies is the right place for you to consult for years to come – sharing, learning and thriving for the success of our clients – then we will be glad to analyze your résumé. Please send it to with a brief introduction in the body of your email.


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