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Diagnostics for Software Companies – Thorough, yet Fast and Affordable

Entirely free operational diagnostic for software companies based in the USA or Canada with 50 to 500 employees. R&D, distribution, services, customer support, organization, knowledge management, process management. No fees, no expenses, no-obligation. NDA-supported. Two- to three-day long. Limited time offer. Contact us through the icon below or the email .


Productivity increases of 30%-100% in R&D and services, cost reductions of 50% in customer support, expedited services and sales doubled in less than a year are common results in our twelve-year history  and most opportunities were uncovered through our operational diagnostics. 

Diagnostics are great to identify issues and opportunities, as well as prioritize investments towards better business performance. They save time and money in contexts such as pre-investment decisions, planning for improvement measures, identification of business weaknesses, evaluation of performance and organizational structures, and analyses for the establishment of partnerships. Objective information will help produce the best business strategies and decisions.

Most of Ernani Ferrari's and Mondo Strategies' projects start with rapid diagnostics. We provide software organizations and investors with comprehensive and thorough diagnostics on management and operational processes in only a few days, covering from a few to all business process areas and providing rich, insightful evaluations. Business-oriented, executive and technical reports are provided according to the objectives of each initiative.

Comprehensive, deep, discrete, eye-opening, yet fast and affordable diagnostics are led by Ernani Ferrari and may involve other highly skilled consultants, under approaches of no/low impact on organizational day-to-day activities, to identify and analyze limitations, strengths and improvement opportunities for:


Accelerate the evolution of your processes and business growth.

Use our week-short, company-wide Operational Diagnostic to identify where and how you can increase revenues, reduce costs and gain scalability for your business.

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