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For Investors in the Software Industry

Overview and Services

Investors, when buying a software company or shares of it, are in fact acquiring:

  • Products and embedded technology;
  • Management and technical capabilities;
  • Specialized workforce;
  • Procedures and tools;
  • Distribution and service channels; 
  • Brands;
  • Installed customer bases and their growth potential;
  • Market share;
  • Risks and liabilities; and
  • Potential synergies.

With its comprehensive, deep and up-to-date knowledge of software processes and of customer and partner relationships, Mondo Strategies gives investors an objective, fast, comprehensive and consistent view of the inner workings of a software company and its customer base, without the need to assign entire multi-skilled teams, which are difficult to put together and manage.

Besides typical services provided to software companies, Mondo Strategies also provides investors in the software industry with services for:

  • Assessment of Software Companies – processes, products, services, organization and teams
  • Assessment of Synergies, Limitations and Risks for Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Support for the Definition of Negotiation Strategies
  • Specialist Advising
  • Board Assistance

Our Help

We will help you get unbiased, objective, consistent and comprehensive views on:

  • Aspects related to organization, technologies, products and services, as well as financial and operational references (benchmarks) about software companies.
  • Technical and functional aspects of a software product, as well as its related support processes, costs, risks and opportunities.

Your Benefits

Benefit from adequate investment levels and risk reduction through the identification of assets and liabilities and the assessment of:

  • Potentials for the short, medium and long terms.
  • Risks involved with technical and operational aspects.
  • Capacity to expand.
  • Potential synergies with other initiatives or organizations of the investor.
  • Potential cost reduction through optimization, reorganization and outsourcing.
  • Internationalization level and potential for the company and its products.
  • Current / historical costs and trends. 

Our Experience

Experience. Knowledge. From the real world.

  • Due diligence in small, medium and large software companies.
  • Planning and execution of mergers and acquisitions of small, medium and large companies.
  • Business and operational modeling for numerous software companies.
  • Business plans for local and international operations – North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.
  • Strategic planning and management for numerous software companies.
  • Executive and managerial coaching.
  • Structuring / restructuring of software organizations – headquarters and subsidiaries.
  • Product portfolio consolidations.
  • Distribution channel consolidations.


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