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Software Internationalization Consulting – Global and Local Experience

Mondo Strategies brings to our clients unparalleled experience in internationalization and localization of application software and their supporting processes. No matter if your business initiatives take you to any of the world’s major countries, to smaller markets, to a regional approach or specifically to Brazil—the 7th largest economy in the World, where Mondo Strategies has a supporting office for Latin America—we will help you to:

  • understand what is required for international endeavors;
  • assess your company’s organization, processes and products in or for internationalization or localization initiatives;
  • plan for international initiatives;
  • get ready for the international market or a specific geography;
  • enter the market of one or more geographies;
  • assess remote operations (direct or partners) – sales, services, product development, customer support;
  • improve processes and products in and for international operations;
  • manage crisis situations in foreign countries.

We have helped companies such as Microsoft, NetSuite, SSA/Infor, QAD and Wolter Kluwers in their internationalization and localization initiatives. Contac us and learn how we can help you, too, improve your international business.

Global Experience. Global Coverage

Mondo Strategies helps application software providers to expand or improve their business in all continents, supported by years of real-world, practical experience:

  • Internationalization and localization projects for small and large companies, like Microsoft, Infor, Totvs, NetSuite and QAD.
  • Product distribution to over 70 countries.
  • Localizations implemented / supported for all 30 major countries in the world.
  • Legislation requirements / business practices.
  • 26 languages.
  • Management of localization requirements for 40 countries.
  • On-site, on-going management in 16 countries.
  • Structuring or reorganization of large (400+ developers) and small development groups in countries like the USA, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Thailand, India and Argentina.
  • Extensive knowledge of local legal matters and business practices.
  • Extensive multicultural experience.

We have been there.

We have done it. Many times. For all these countries.

We have helped companies such as Microsoft, NetSuite, Infor, QAD, Wolter Kluwers and Totvs. Contact us and learn how we can help you, too, improve your international business.

Borderless Application Software – To Expand Your Business

Translated software is not internationalized software. Besides the language, the software should reflect the manifestation of business practices, legal requirements and the habits and cultures of the countries where it will be used. A borderless software is an application that both fulfills the additional functional requirements and is flexible enough to have its use modified to address the different local ways of performing the same task.

We have helped companies such as Microsoft, NetSuite, Infor, QAD and Totvs. Contact us and learn how we can help you, too, improve your products and processes to improve your international business.

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