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Mondo Strategies grew out of the knowledge and extensive experience of its founder, Ernani Ferrari, in software processes, strategic management and internationalization.

Dedicated to the software business in the global arena, Mondo Strategies was formed to pragmatically apply knowledge from a holistic point of view, always seeking the global optimum for its clients. Our fundamental objective is to expedite our clients’ evolution process, improving their business performance. Our comprehensive experience supports joint-tailoring new and improved solutions to our clients’ particular needs and managing the economic and cultural matters which divide the world and its markets.

In order to increase the competitiveness of software companies to play in local and international markets, and to improve their existing presence in different countries, Mondo Strategies has defined three key areas for the software business on which its portfolio of services is based:

I. Software processes, from management of products and production, distribution, services and customer support through relationship management.

II. Strategic planning.

III. Localization and internationalization of products and of processes.

For the proposed holistic approach, Ernani Ferrari and the other Mondo Strategies consultants bring to the firm three important areas of experience:

The first of the above set of experiences is the result of directing the organization and reorganization of operations of some of the largest enterprise software companies in the world and other small- and medium-sized operations in the United States, Latin America and Asia, besides working directly with internationalizing and localizing products and processes for various countries across six continents. The second set is the result of years of working as key users, project managers and consultants on numerous projects of user companies throughout the world, including more than 30 Fortune 500 organizations, both as clients and as suppliers. The third set arose from diversified work experiences in the many functional areas of different companies from wide-ranging industry sectors as professionals in those areas or as consultants. All these experiences are supported by solid academic backgrounds, continuous research, and participation in several of the best courses, seminars, lectures and conferences in the related areas.

Mondo Strategies was established in 2005 and immediately focused on software organizations doing business in the booming market of Brazil and all of Latin America, both US-based companies and local companies, rapidly acquiring a clientele of important corporations such as Microsoft, IBM, Wolters Kluwer and some of the largest Latin American software companies. In 2010 the firm expanded its activities in Boston, Massachusetts, to where it moved its headquarters later, in 2011.

Our firm continues operating as a boutique consulting practice, applying only highly experienced professionals as its consultants, with the most extensive experience with real-world operations and the most comprehensive body of knowledge of the software industry.

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