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A Consulting Portfolio for Software Business Performance

Mondo Strategies helps software companies rapidly improve their performance and create value–bottom line results and market valuation–through integrated process improvement, strategic planning and internationalization.

We apply highly specialized knowledge and holistic approaches to expedite and maximize results from:

I. Integrated Process Improvement, encompassing product management, research and development, knowledge management, distribution, services, customer support, and relationship management.

II. Strategic Planning, applying deep industry knowledge and experience and addressing execution requirements in fast, pragmatic planning processes.

III. Localization and Internationalization of products and operations.

Our pragmatic approaches to defining or reviewing business strategies and orchestrating process improvements and organizational changes are backed by proven concepts, refined methodologies, best business practices and solid experience with worldwide cultures, legislation and local practices. Moreover, we support our clients throughout their implementation processes, ensuring all planned improvements are properly and rapidly put in place and their benefits are promptly reaped.

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Use our week-short, company-wide Operational Diagnostic to identify where and how you can increase revenues, reduce costs and gain scalability for your business.

  • Mondo Strategies Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

    Consulting firm specializing in software business reaches its 10th anniversary with unique approaches

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  • Mondo Strategies sponsors NewCo Boston 2016 - April 27

    Connect to Boston’s tech industry like never before. NewCo turns the business conference model inside out.

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