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orchestrated improvement.

Ernani Ferrari applies the best technical and management practices available in the market. He uses his unique deep knowledge and experience in every operational area of a software company, as well as in their complex chains of interactions, to orchestrate analyses, adaptation, and fast adoption of such proven practices. Only by understanding and exploring the complex interactions between multiple process areas can one achieve fast and great results from prioritized and integrated improvement measures. These results exceed those typically attained with isolated improvement measures.

Total Coverage of the Business Processes

Ernani Ferrari built his unique set of expertise from working with 100+ software companies, continuously researching the international market, and sharing with his specializing partners. Such expertise allows him to identify and explore the best opportunities for integrated, fast, and optimized improvement of the critical business processes of your company, capitalizing on all of your current assets.

More productivity, quality, and scalability for your business.


Area processes

Inter-area processes

Area processes coordinated with inter-area processes


Local benefits

Inter-dependency benefits

Maximum benefits

reduced time, maximized benefits.

Here is what we can do for the processes of your company

deeply and rapidly analyze all operational processes of your company, as well as the many and complex interactions between them;

address the needs of any particular process we cover;

identify limitations and opportunities across your organization, prioritizing investments and designing approaches to maximize short-, medium-, and long-term results.

fast and safe.

Decades of experience and continuous research support Ernani Ferrari’s approaches to rapidly identify opportunities, align strategies, improve processes, instrumentalize managers, and safely boost the financial performance of software companies.

process areas supported by Ernani Ferrari and his partners.

Research & Development

Boost innovation with product management and technology research. Increase productivity and quality in product development. Orchestrate release management.

See topics
  • Product Management
  • Integrated Software Development
  • Tests for Products with Long Life Cycles
  • Release Management
  • Version Life Cycle Management
  • Product Documentation (Knowledge Engineering)
  • Product Maintenance
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Technology and Architecture
  • Product Translation
  • Capacity Planning
  • Operational Performance Management / Performance Indicators

Services & Customer Support

Improve service offerings and methodologies. Refine team management. Structure customer relationship. Make services more profitable.

See topics
  • Services Planning & Control
  • Service Offerings Management
  • Implementation Methodologies for Business Applications
  • Services Quality Assurance
  • Service Sales
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Support
  • Customizations & On-demand Software Development
  • Team Planning and Control
  • Training & Certification
  • Service Channel Management
  • Operational Performance Management / Performance Indicators

Marketing, Sales, and Channel Management

Refine distribution and relationship structures. Explore new approaches for marketing and sales. Organize and explore more from distribution channels.

See topics
  • Field Sales
  • Inside Sales
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales Planning, Execution and Control
  • Market Intelligence
  • Telemarketing
  • Channel Management (modeling, structuring, training, coverage, policies, compensation, control)
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Operational Performance Management / Performance Indicators

Organizational Development

Improve knowledge management throughout your company. Simplify and explore process management. Organize partnerships.

See topics
  • Knowledge Management & Corporate University
  • Quality Management / Process Management
  • Alliances & Partnership Management

Reach years of solutions for your business in months using Ernani Ferrari’s expertise

Ernani Ferrari has the knowledge and the experience to find the best opportunities for more efficiency and great gains for your business.