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Strategic Planning for Software Companies – A Unique Approach

Ernani Ferrari has created a unique, highly effective approach to strategic management for software companies. Based on the best available methodologies in the market and his experience leading strategic planning for small, medium and large organizations, such Volkswagen, Microsoft and Wolters Kluwer, Ernani rapidly designs customized processes for strategic planning and execution for each client, providing pragmatic, comprehensive, deep yet prompt analyses and decisions, not only to develop strategic plans but also to ensure those plans are properly executed and continuously updated. Moreover, Ernani Ferrari brings to the planning process his deep knowledge of the information technology industry, combined with his extensive experience in operational processes and in the execution of business initiatives, which not only enrich the necessary analyses in planning processes but also address all aspects of execution during strategic planning, making plans far more realistic and feasible.


Deep Analyses. Pragmatism. Execution.

Talk to us and learn how within days you can get sound strategic plans that companies often take months to achieve. Improve your business performance for the short, medium and long terms.

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