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Mondo Strategies was founded by Ernani Ferrari in 2005 to offer his clients an extension to the consulting services he provided, in line with his standards of high quality, client participation, transfer of knowledge, pragmatism, and speed to get things done.

With a goal in mind to support his clients "until the improvements are up and running," Ernani Ferrari has developed partnerships with consultants and companies in the United States and South America that provide training services on techniques, tools, and specific operational aspects, from software testing and product documentation to e-learning tools and market intelligence. Mondo Strategies is responsible for coordinating this support network.

Projects that involve process reviews and training for operational teams (managers are trained by Ernani Ferrari) are accelerated by the alignment of this network of specialists with the methods used by Ernani Ferrari, facilitating his mission to "expedite the evolution of software companies, increasing their performance by applying the best international knowledge regarding strategic management, processes, technologies, applications, tools and people, as well as promoting innovation and addressing the operational, legal and cultural matters that divide the world and its markets."

Ernani Ferrari’s goal, with the operational support of Mondo Strategies, is to rapidly create value for software companies. His unique coverage of all processes in the software cycle, strategic management, and international operations, extends and expedites his clients’ reach to higher levels of financial performance by:

Ernani Ferrari has helped 100+ American and foreign software companies improve their business performance, from start-ups and small companies to large corporations, such as Microsoft, IBM, Infor, and Wolters Kluwer. From diagnostics and strategic planning through process reviews and organizational changes, Ernani supports his clients from conception through implementationuntil they reach their project goals.

Maximize time and investments.
Improve your business performance. Rapidly.
Ernani Ferrari will show you how—from strategies through execution.

Ask for a no-obligation visit or web conference and learn more about how Ernani Ferrari can help improve your business performance

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