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"The best consulting firm for software companies", as considered by many. We prefer to see ourselves as the only one specialized in the core of the growing software business: strategic management, integrated process improvement and internationalization. Mondo Strategies is dedicated to rapidly creating value in the software business. Through our unique coverage of all operational processes of the software cycle, strategic planning and international operations, our consulting practice extends and expedites our clients’ reach to higher levels of financial performance by:

Founded in 2005, Mondo Strategies is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Our consulting team is made up exclusively of senior consultantsformer specialists and executives of the software industry who have been there, done it many times, with extensive knowledge and experience in strategic management, product management, research and development, knowledge management, marketing, sales, customer relationship management, services and customer support. Our experience in internationalization includes the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, with local activities within the global 40 major economies, besides a strong presence in South America.

We have helped 150+ American and foreign software companies improve their business performance, from start-ups and small companies to large corporations, including Microsoft, IBM, Infor, Wolters Kluwer and Totvs. From diagnostics and strategic planning through process reviews and organizational changes, we support our clients from conception through implementationuntil they reach their project goals.

Maximize time and investments.
Improve your business performance. Rapidly.
We will show you how—from strategies through execution.

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