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What Agile Failed to Deliver—10 Challenges to Tackle

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Reading time: 10 minutes Inflated expectations, misinterpretations, confusion, and simplistic solutions made Agile largely fall short of its intentions and potential. Here is what software organizations may still have to address. by Ernani Ferrari Agile approaches for software development have, in most cases, fallen short in delivering productivity, which in […]

Bug Scheduling? But The Due Date is… Yesterday!

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Reading time: 5 minutes How can one balance resources between the development of software products and their maintenance? Use simple math, don’t hold endless meetings. Picture this: another day and I am with a great R&D team for one more promising consulting engagement. I am surrounded by smart people, great […]

Critical Indicators for MBO in Software R&D

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Reading time: 3 minutes Most executives agree that bonuses and variable compensation plans are great to motivate and engage people to get more accomplished. Discussions and different opinions pop up when the question “How will we establish goals and assess if they were achieved or not?” is asked. HR executives […]

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How Frequent Should You Release Software Versions?

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Reading time: 5 minutes “How often should my company release new features for my software products?” and “How frequently should I release new versions?” are some of the questions I get all the time. Companies around the globe are responding to them with a wide range of approaches, making new […]

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Specialization – Against Mediocrity

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Reading time: 2 minutes Only differentiated companies grow and outstand. Mediocre companies fight even to survive. What attributes can a company address in order to differentiate itself from the crowd? Just about every relevant business component may be explored with that purpose: products, services, logistics, recruiting, training, communication, information systems, […]

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Software Project Management: Beyond Methodologies

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Reading time: 6 minutes Luckily for all those not involved with researching and developing work methods, there are models and references for complex software processes—at least, that is, for the most common processes, such as development, testing, customer support and project management. For the latter, the Project Management Institute (PMI) […]

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