Knowledge transfer is an inherent part of most consulting services of Ernani Ferrari. However, for companies who just want to enable their management team and staff, specific in-house courses are provided.

develop your teams.

Training courses and process review workshops

Use Ernani’s help to teach your teams or help them analyze, design, document, communicate, and implement any of the following:

Moving from Strategic Planning to Strategic Management

Product Partnership Management—organization and processes

Integrated Product Management—processes, policies, artifacts, and integration with marketing, sales, services, and customer success

Internationalization and localization strategies and tactics

Metrics, KPIs, and control routines

Process Management in Software Companies

Designing a Software Organization—company-wide structure and responsibilities

Vendas de Soluções Complexas

Customização e Desenvolvimento de Software Sob Medida

Gestão de Canais de Vendas e Serviços

Gestão de Alianças e Parcerias

Educate your team in the best methods and techniques in the market

Talk to Ernani Ferrari and find out how our workshops and training courses can improve your teams’ performance.